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5 Hidden Tricks Your Android Phone Can Do

Android phones have lots of features to make your experience really good, but the experience will be more than good when you know some of the hidden features in your Android phone. Here below are 5 hidden tricks you will love to try out.

Unlock Your Phone Automatically

Android phones have a feature called Smart Lock, it can help you unlock your phone whenever you are at a specified location such as office, home, school or any other place. You can even set it to unlock whenever you are around your car’s Bluetooth system or smartwatch. Smart Lock is located in your Android phone in Settings > Security & Lockscreen.

Find Your Phone

Did you misplace your phone or was it stolen? Are you looking for a way to find it? A feature called Find my Phone owned by Google can help you do that, you just have to search for “Find my phone” on Google and it will find your phone for you as far as your Gmail account is registered and your data connection/location is on. It will show you the location of the phone on Google maps, ring it or erase everything on it.

Using USB Mouse to Operate Your Phone

This does come in handy when your phone display is broken and the touchscreen doesn’t work again. You just have to connect your USB mouse to a USB OTG cable whereby the OTG cable will be connected to the phone then the USB mouse to the OTG cable. You can even connect other devices like gamepads and USB flash drives.

Dual Tab Viewing on Chrome

Many of us know about split screen on Android phones, but we are not going to talk about that, what we want to talk about is splitting the tabs on Chrome browser so that you can view two tabs simultaneously. To get it started you have to make such two tabs at least are opened on Chrome and then launch the split-screen view by long pressing on the recent key and click on the three-dot overflow menu button on Chrome and select move to other window and boom that’s all.

Guest Mode

Sometimes when you want to hand over your phone to someone and you don’t want the person to go beyond what he/she wants to do with it, Guest mode comes in handy at such moments. Guest mode has been in Android phones for a while now, so to activate it you have to pull down your quick settings from the top and tap on your user icon. Select Add guest and you’ll switch to guest mode.

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Post modified on 5th September, 2019.


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