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7 Facts About Smartphones with 16GB and 32GB Roms

As far as you are a Smartphone user, you probably have noticed this message; “Insufficient Storage Available” and it’s really annoying because you know you are nowhere near the storage limit but anyway it still shows the same message. You will then start to wonder how your storage got full. Don’t worry, I will put you through some facts about 16GB and 32GB Roms that will make you to understand why your storage gets full so quickly and easily.

Full Space

A 16GB or 32GB Rom smartphone never gives you the full space specified on the box because the operating system, system files and pre-installed apps are all stored in the internal storage, thereby leaving a little amount of storage for other files.

Overall performance

The overall performance of your phone will be hindered, due to limited storage thereby causing the phone to have lags when it’s in use.


Constant OTA updates                                         

Constant OTA updates will also not be possible sooner or later due to lack of space.

Apps data are stored in the internal storage

Apps data are usually stored in the phone internal storage, even though you install Apps to your SD card, it will still store its data in the internal storage so that it can execute apps when needed.


Cache gets full quickly so you would have to clean the cache frequently to free up space in your phones storage.

Uninstallation of Apps

Sometimes when you need more space, you are forced to uninstall most apps that you might need later.

Social media Apps and Heavy games

Some Social media apps and heavy games won’t be able to run well again because of the low storage space.

Possible solutions to all of these are; buy an SD Card that will be used as secondary storage to store your heavy files i.e. Movies, Musics and Photos; try to clear cache frequently and stop the installation of unnecessary apps.

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Post modified on 5th September, 2019.


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