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Activities Your Laptop Can Handle Better Than Your Smartphone

Smartphones has become really popular and many of us think they can do anything and everything, no doubt, they sure can do a lot of things but they won’t be able to handle it like the Laptop, the Laptop does it seamlessly so these 4 activities are better handled in Laptop rather than a Smartphone.

Getting Online

Spending extended time on the web using the laptop compared to using your smartphone got quite a different experience, mobile experience just don’t stand the chance of what the laptop can do for example most sites that we are using is optimized for online viewing, and so flipping through web contents is straightforward enough.


Managing Mail

Managing mail e.g. Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook on laptop and on smartphone got a different experience too, you wouldn’t be able to manage your email on your smartphone the same way you can on your laptop with these differences e.g dragging emails between categories, quickly switching between plain text and rich text, email groups of contacts.

Writing or Editing Documents

Certainly, you can type, edit text on your phone using the keyboard but the benefits you get using your laptop to write or edit document is superb like you can highlight, copy, paste, multiple windows (for multi-tasking), making referencing and cross-referencing with ease, getting your work down fast and many more.

Editing Photos

Smartphones got their advantage of quickly editing photos and adding filters but still laptop experience is better like when editing on your laptop, you got a bigger screen to work on with a better view of images, apart from that you still got the benefit of keyboard and mouse which gets your work done precisely when cutting out pixels or blending shapes or even to cropping.

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Post modified on 5th September, 2019.


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