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Cortana App to be Shut Down by Microsoft in January 2020 for Android and iOS

I think many of us know the app Cortana, if no, Cortana is a Digital Assistant owned by Microsoft which has an application for Android and iOS devices and even on Windows laptops/desktops.

Microsoft released Cortana as a freestanding application on Android and iOS back in 2015.

Recently Microsoft made it known to the public that Cortana will not be available as a freestanding application to users in various markets which includes India, the UK, Australia, China, Spain and amid others.

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This shutdown is said to be initiated on January 31, 2020. Users should also note that Microsoft is not shutting the Cortana digital assistant totally, that it will be added as part of Microsoft 365 applications.

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Prior to the Shutdown of Cortana, some of the basic functions like reminders, lists, and tasks will not be available on the Cortana app, but you can be able to access them using Cortana on Windows.

Also, if you have any reminder, list or task on your Cortana app, they will be synced automatically to the Microsoft To-Do app, so no worries.

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