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Design Graphics like a Pro with HotPot.ai

Ever wanted to be that pro designer that can create device mockups, logos, social media graphics/ads, marketing images, and other graphics without going through a whole lot of graphic designing classes or even paying graphic designers to get your graphic work done, then HotPot.ai is the right hub for you.

Hotpot.ai is a web-based graphic designing and ai tool that is very easy to use and that has a lot of attractive already made graphic templates at your disposal.

It was built especially for non-designers, and it contains attractive templates, which can help you produce fresh graphics in minutes. Hotpot.ai drag-n-drop editor, design tools, and preset options help you create graphics faster and more affordably.

Do I need to Sign up to start using Hotpot.ai?

That is a big NO, Sign up or Registration is totally not needed to use Hotpot.ai. Also, recent graphic designing works done on Hotpot.ai are open for you to edit and download if the need arises.

How to start using Hotpot.ai

It is pretty easy to start using Hotpot.ai, just visit Hotpot.ai, then locate the type of design you want and edit your design with the drag-n-drop editor.

Features that will blow your mind in Hotpot.ai

AI Services

AI Art Remixer
Create art with AI. Invigorate boring selfies, bland backgrounds, and ordinary images by re-imagining them in different art styles.

AI App Localization
Use AI to localize apps, videos, and websites. Translate iOS, Android, and other mobile apps into 70+ languages within seconds. For common cases, Hotpot automates manual copying & pasting of translations. For premium cases, Hotpot delivers projects faster and at lower cost by automating most translations, freeing professionals to proofread and fix difficult translations.

AI Background Remover
Remove backgrounds from images with AI, leaving only crisp and clear foreground objects.

AI Face Blurrer
Blur faces, account numbers, and other sensitive information in seconds with AI. Redact images on your computer. No images are sent to their servers.

AI Image Supersizer
Use AI to enlarge images without losing quality. Perfect for game assets, app icons, old photos, and other graphics.

AI Image Sharpener
Sharpen images by removing noise and static from images with AI.

AI Image Reviver
Turn black & white photos into color with AI. Reimagine the past by seeing family photos and historic images in color.

AI Color Helper
Use this Hotpot service to suggest colors for brands, apps, marketing graphics, and more. Initial ideas are generated with color theory; new ideas are suggested by AI.


Here are some of the pre-made attractive templates on Hotpot.ai, you can use to make those stunning designs in minutes.

  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Story
  • Facebook Cover
  • Facebook Post
  • LinkedIn Banner
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPad Pro
  • App Store Icon
  • Mac Store Screenshot
  • Feature Graphic
  • Samsung S10
  • Samsung S9
  • Game Asset
  • Splash Screen
  • Launch Screen
  • Google Play Icon
  • Text Design
  • Twitter Header
  • Product Hunt Thumbnail
  • Button
  • YouTube Thumbnails
  • Chrome Screenshot, Chrome Store Marquee, Chrome Store Small, Chrome Store Icon
  • Half Page Ad
  • Medium Rectangle Ad
  • Pixel 3


“Good things come with a price”. Hotpot.ai isn’t an exception because it offers quiet amazing tools for designers and non-designers for their graphic designing works.

The price tag per graphic on Hotpot.ai at the stage of downloading is $1 dollar, after downloading if you do minor edits, you won’t be asked to pay again.

OR with just $20 dollars you can use All templates, Make unlimited edits, and Faster downloads.

Minor Edits

Minor edits for the same graphic are free for 30 days. Buy graphics with peace of mind, knowing you can make revisions if you find a typo or requirements change unexpectedly.

Free Graphics

We are happy to offer free graphics to anyone on a budget: student, open-source developer, ramen-budget startup, anyone. Click here to learn more.

Bloggers, Educators, Redditors, and Influencers

If some of your readers, friends, and followers can’t afford Hotpot, please reach out. We can create a special promo code for them to bypass the paywall and download graphics free.

Also, if you run a Reddit sub and would like to offer Hotpot for free to your users, please contact us. We’re happy to help fellow Redditors on a budget!

Unlimited Pass

Each Unlimited Pass lets you create unlimited graphics for 30 days. Besides saving money, the Unlimited Pass saves you time by skipping the payment form for each graphic.

Up to 3 people — friends, strangers, anyone! — can share an Unlimited Pass. So one way to save money is to find others and split an Unlimited Pass.

After purchasing an Unlimited Pass, you will receive a promo code for creating graphics and bypassing the paywall. No account needed.

Please buy Unlimited Passes here.

The pricing here is really cool, to be sincere, paying $1 per graphic or $20 dollars to get all features is a go go for me or even getting it for free if you fall into the categories above.

To get started visit Hotpot.ai now.

I hope this helps, if you got any suggestion or question, don’t forget to drop it on the comment section below, we will reach out to you asap, peace.


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