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Earn up to N10,000 Daily Reading News on NNU Forum (100% LEGIT)

Hey, I know what is going through your mind right now after reading the heading of this article, I know there are lots of internet scams that won’t keep to their promise when it comes to earning. I promise you, you won’t regret it after reading everything in this article, so belt up as we begin.

Ditch what is going through your mind right now, because I’m going to put you through every single step for you to earn legitly on NNU Forum today, without any hassles. NNU Forum is owned by Paul Samson and powered by G-Cybertech ® 2453653

NNU Forum

Many of us know about NNU (Version 1), and I know a lot of us can testify to what it gave. The creators of NNU (Version 1) due to some reason moved it to NNU Forum which is version 2 and you can earn on NNU Forum without referring anyone, just read, comment, share the viral post every day and post relevant and well-crafted topics on the forum.

| Why NNU Forum is Not Like Other Platforms

These days, the internet is filled with a lot of scams, making it very difficult to know what is real and what is fake. Many of them at first, they might work fine, but when it gets to some stage, things go sideways.

But I do mind the fact that many are afraid of falling to these scams, thus not wanting to involve themselves in any business with making money online. That is why I took my time to review and test NNU Forum before writing this article.

It’s legit I must say, many that used version 1 will testify to how perfectly it worked, NNU (Version 1) rebranded to NNU Forum (Version 2) is one of the best online platforms you can earn money legitly. To join NNU Forum today visit: http://bit.ly/2NWahgH

NNU Forum

|Who Can Join NNU Forum

NNU Forum is open to everybody i.e Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers and generally anyone who wants to earn at the comfort of their home with just their Smartphone and an internet connection.

| How Can I Join NNU Forum?

You can simply join NNU Forum by visiting: http://bit.ly/2NWahgH

| Some Payment Proofs from Users of NNU Forum

You might be like; Oga Author, what of payment proofs of this Forum you are blabbing about. Don’t worry I got you covered, check out payment proofs from the Platform.

NNU Forum Making Money Online

| Do I need to pay any money before I start Earning?

Yes, you need to pay the sum of N1,400 (One Thousand, Four Hundred Naira) before you can be accepted, this payment is done before your account is created. This is to shun people that are not serious and that are looking for quick ways to get rich away. If you have any questions or how to start, drop a comment and I will help out.

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Please note that the payment is one time, after that payment no other hidden fees, all you have to do is to start earning on the platform.

|Ways to earn on NNU Forum

  • Reading Forum Topics: You will earn N10 by reading forum topics
  • Active Daily Login: You will earn N50 daily by just logging in on the platform.
  • Relevant Comment on Topics: When you post a relevant comment on a topic you will earn N20.
  • Sharing Viral Post on Facebook: You will earn N100 every day for sharing a viral post on Facebook.
  • Posting Forum Topic: When you post a forum topic you can earn up to N1000 for each topic.
  • Refer: When you refer people to the NNU Forum, you get a 71.5% commission (Which is N1,000) for each person you refer.

| Can I Refer others to Earn a Commission?

Yes, you can refer others to earn a commission, but note that IT IS NOT COMPULSORY to refer people because you can earn and withdraw any amount you want without referring anyone. But if you insist to refer, it’s awesome because you will earn more.

| Payment Threshold

The Payment threshold is N5,000. If you make earn up to N5,000 on either you Referral or Earnings Amount, the amount will automatically drop to your wallet and you can place a withdrawal request and it will be sent to your Bank Account at the end of the month.

| Did you know?

Did you know NNU Forum Paid out up to N19,105,000 to its users last December? Now you know, so that’s how legit the program is.

|Wrapping It Up

Wrapping it up, I must say this is not a Scam that other online businesses you have tried. I’m not in the place to tell you what is right and what you need to do, but I’m talking out of my experience.

The Platform is not a rich quick scheme, put that at the back of your mind before registering by clicking here: http://bit.ly/2NWahgH

So that is why, if you want to earn on the platform, you work for it by reading news, commenting, sharing viral post and referring people (that is not compulsory).

So get your ass up and start making money at the comfort of your home with just your smartphone and internet connection.

Note: If you follow links in this article, I will get a commission per person that registers on the platform!


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