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Gmail Dark Mode: How to Enable it on Android and iOS

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In the early parts of this year, those of us that always keep our Gmail app up to date do notice new improvements on the Gmail mobile app that made it super easy for us to get things done easily and quickly, for example, the ability to view attachments and also to quickly search for a particular email.

Now apart from their earlier launch of the improve Gmail app which I just explained in the first paragraph, Gmail is back with another anxiously awaited feature which is the Dark theme support also known as Gmail dark mode to enhance our experience when using the mobile app for Andriod and iOS.

The Dark mode feature for Android and iOS started rolling out on September 24, 2019. It is really a great deal for those of us using our smartphones to read at night or do other stuffs that ain’t unpleasant with the intensely bright background of our smartphones.

Gmail dark mode

Availability Details

Android 10: The rollout of dark mode for Android 10 will start on September 24, 2019.

iOS: Also the rollout of dark mode for iOS will being on September 24, 2019.

How to Enable Dark Mode for Gmail on Android

  • How you can easily enable it on Android 10
  1. On Android 10 you can navigate to your Android display system setting, then set the whole device to dark theme. Gmail will automatically give room for dark mode on the Gmail app by respecting the Android 10 system settings.
  2. Another method is by navigating on your Gmail app to “SETTINGS” then to “THEME” and lastly select “DARK” (Hint: Check out the picture before this paragraph)
  3. If you are using a Pixel smartphone, it is easier to activate Gmail dark mode, just enable Battery Saver and Gmail will automatically turn on the dark theme.
Gmail dark mode

How to Enable Dark Mode for Gmail on iOS

  • If you are using iOS 11 or 12, you can easily enable dark theme by navigating to SETTINGS then DARK THEME to get it started.
  • Then on iOS 13, you can enable it by following these two major procedures.
  1. On your iOS 13 settings, set your device to dark theme and Gmail will turn on dark mode automatically on your Gmail mobile app.
  2. Or you can navigate to SETTINGS from your Gmail app and then select THEME, after selecting theme, select DARK.

That’s all, dark mode is ready on your Gmail app.

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