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Things You Possibly Didn’t Know Google Search Could Do

Google Search or Google is with no doubt the best, simplified and easy to navigate search engine in the World Wide Web/Internet today with up to 5.4 billion searches each day, making it the most used search engine in the World Wide Web/Internet.

Google Search is always easy to use, be it for a student that needs some academic assignments done or that need more points on a particular topic but Handouts/Textbooks didn’t give much, Google search comes in handy in such situations or if you are a business person looking for ways to maximize your business, with Google search you can read ebooks or posts on how to do that.

Also with the help of the tabs in Google search i.e image, video, news, maps, books and more, you can get whatever you are searching for with ease. Google Search can be accessed on all platforms i.e mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and others.

Get Lyrics to Songs

We all love music and have had many times that we searched for lyrics to our favourite artist’s songs so as to vibe to them. Google search has made easy the way we can get our favourite celebs songs without stress, to do that search for the “Song Name and the Artists name” plus the word “Lyrics” (i.e Chris Brown no guidance lyrics), that’s all the lyrics will show on the top of the search results.

Search Health Conditions

Health conditions and other relevant Health information can easily be searched from Google search, when you search for a particular Health condition a picture and other information will appear on the sidebar that gives relevant information on the symptoms and possible treatment to the particular Health condition you searched for.

Take note that all the results that appear on the Google search when you search about Health conditions are all accumulated facts from authentic clinical data from various health institutions and experts all over the world with coverage of about 800 Health conditions.

Typhoid fever

Search for Weather Condition

Weather condition can also be searched on Google, if you plan on going out or travelling, it will be wise if you keep track of the weather condition before making your move as it will help you know how to get ready before going, if for instance, you want to go somewhere but the weather condition is not that friendly, you will be asking yourself if you should carry an umbrella or not.

With the help of Google Weather condition search, you will know what will come next whether there will be rain or not, that will make it clear to you whether to carry an umbrella or not. So to Google the Weather condition simply ask Google “What is the weather condition at Lagos” or “Weather at Lagos“, the results will come up on the search, still you can search just “Weather forecast” and it will give you the current weather condition using the location you are.

Search Using your voice

You can also search whatever you want on Google with the use of your voice, no need to type in what you want to search on the search box again, just say the word or sentence and Google will take control of the results. So to search with your voice simply click on the microphone icon on the right-hand side of Google search box and say what you want to search for i.e What is the meaning of forecast?

That’s all, it’s as simple as that.

Google Voice Search

Search for Job Vacancies easily

You know searching for Job Vacancies online can be stressful and also to get the latest ones out of all those searches is really challenging, apart from that it takes a lot of time for you to get what you are looking for. Google search helps job seekers to find suitable jobs, and to apply with ease also you will get details of the job posting i.e job title, location, let you know whether the job is full-time, part-time or an internship.

So are you a job seeker looking for a job? simply type in the Google search box “Job Vacancies in Lagos” note that you are going to replace the “Lagos” with the city you want the job, thats all, Google will compile various job vacancies in the particular location you have used and they will all appear on the search results.

Google Search Job Vacancies

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