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Grab the Glo Data Plan that Offers 7GB for just N1500

You read the headline correctly, wait a sec, let me fasten the belts of my keyboard, you ready? okay, let’s get on this amazing offer from Glo.

Today, I have a great Glo data plan discount for you all, don’t go now, I want to shake the table with this offer from Glo. So before we get on, Glo has proved they are the “Grand Masters of Data” with this plan I’m about to put you guys through.

The plan is for everybody on the network (new and old customers to be precise), so no worries if you are an old customer thinking it ain’t for you, and vice versa.

So those of us that can’t do a sec without data to browse our favourite apps, websites and streaming apps, here is a grand plan for you guys, with just N1500 you can grab the 7GB plan for yourself.

Glo 7GB for N1500

| How To Subscribe!

Subscribing to this plan is as easy as other plans we have been subscribing to on the Glo network before now, which is by dialing *777#.

After dialing that, you will get a prompt to put the option number. Input 1, 1, 5, 1 in the sequence, i.e after inputting 1 on the 1st prompt, input 1 again on the 2nd prompt and 5 on the 3rd prompt and lastly 1 on the 4th prompt.

There you go, you have subscribed to Glo 7GB for just N1500. If you wish to check your data balance dial *127*0#.

Glo 7GB for N1500

| Validity Period

Mind you, the plan lasts for 7 days, that is 1 week. So use it to your satisfaction before the validity period ends.

| Wrapping it Up!

Wrapping it up I would say this plan is a plan you don’t wanna leave out. Glo really made it clear to us that they are the “Grand Masters of Data” on this very plan.

The validity period is quite short but in my own opinion it does not matter, getting 7GB for N1500 is a go go for many these days.

If you ask how much some people use in subscribing to data plans a week is quiet more than the N1500 for this plan.

So if you are a Glo user, try this plan out.

See you on my next post, peace!

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