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Habits You Should Avoid While Charging Your Smartphone

These are habits most of us possess nowadays; you have to avoid all these habits for the safety of your smartphone battery and its lifespan.

Overcharging your Battery

Overcharging your Battery should be avoided by any means. Many people leave their smartphone to charge overnight thereby leaving it overcharged which affects the lifespan of the battery.

Charging while playing game

Charging your smartphone and playing game will reduce the lifespan of your battery and in the process the phone will be overheated, it is advisable that you don’t use it while charging.

Surfing the Internet while charging

Surfing the Internet is a good thing, but the bad thing here is charging while surfing the internet, it is an unhealthy habit for your smartphone that you should try to stop.

Using Fake, Cheap and Non-Specific Chargers

Using a fake, cheap or a non-specific charger is dangerous for you and your battery itself, use the specific charger that came with the phone or buy another appropriate one.

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Post modified on 5th September, 2019.

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