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How to Activate Airtel 1GB for 350 and 2GB for 500 (Binge Bundles)

Airtel, one of the main mobile networks in Nigeria recently launched a new data plan mainly for the heavy data users with the name “Binge Bundles”, this data bundle can be used on all mobile devices.

We all can testify that data is life because a lot of us can’t be without a data subscription and these days’ data subscriptions are expensive but networks differ, still, when we subscribe to this data plans they always get exhausted easily due to some heavy apps we use or when we download stuff. Airtel Binge Plans were specially designed to help out on these heavy data uses.

So, Airtel Binge plans come in two options, the 1GB for N350 and the 2GB for just N500 which lasts for just 24 hours (1 day). So if you are the type that loves downloading heavy stuff i.e movies, heavy games, and other stuff that can run down your normal subscription, it’s advisable you subscribe to the binge plans for those heavy downloads.

The Binge Plans can be used for everything i.e downloading, normal browsing, social media, youtube, streaming and more. It’s not restricted to just one app.

Steps to Activate the Binge Data Plans

Firstly, 1GB for N350 can be activated by dialing *141*354#.

While the 2GB for N500 can be activated by dialing *141*504#.


Simply Dial *141#

Select Buy a Binge Plan

Then select your preferred plan “1GB for N350 OR 1GB for 500”.

After that, your subscription will be initiated and the money will be deducted from your account balance.


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