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How To Stop People from Adding you to Unwanted WhatsApp Groups

Have you ever been added to a WhatsApp group without your consent? It’s annoying, right? If yes, the latest WhatsApp update helps you to enable a feature that can stop people from adding you to unwanted WhatsApp Groups.

WhatsApp is one of the best and free messaging apps in the world, with WhatsApp on your Android or iOS device text and voice messaging, voice and video calls and even sharing of media files can all be done with ease.

It allows you to decide who can add you to groups, and also if anyone can add you to groups without your consent. It’s a great feature I must say because it’s really annoying when you are been added to some groups on WhatsApp.

Stopping People from Adding you to Unwanted WhatsApp Groups.

To enable this feature on your WhatsApp, firstly update your WhatsApp to the latest version on Playstore if you’re an Android user, while iOS users can visit App Store for an update.

After that navigate to WhatsApp’s privacy settings, then you will see three options for those who are permitted to add you to groups; ‘Everyone”, “My Contacts”, or My Contacts Except”.

WhatsApp Privacy Settings

The last one which is “My Contacts Except” allows you to blacklist specific contacts from sending you group chat invites through private chats, or even, add you to groups without your consent.

So, if you haven’t updated your WhatsApp, do so now and enjoy this feature.

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