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Steps on How to Get the iOS 13 Update Now

A lot of our iPhone users before now couldn’t wait for the iOS 13 update from Apple Inc. to experience its latest features and enhancements, that wait came to an end on the 19th of September, 2019 which was the day Apple officially released the iOS 13 the successor to iOS 12.

The iOS 13 is the latest iOS mobile operating system, making it the thirteenth major release that has dropped since their inception. iOS 13 brings about a whole new level of mobile operating system with its new features and security enhancements.

With the iOS 13, you will be able to get the latest features i.e Dark mode, Photo editing tools gets advanced, a new quickpath keyboard, Facetime correction, Face ID is improved, it improves battery life, Siri sounds much better, Camera gets a great upgrade and many more on your iPhone. The upgrade supports only from iphone 6s or higher.

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OS 13

Steps on How to Get the iOS 13

Generally, you can wait for your iphone to prompt you with a pop-up for the iOS 13 update or you can manually install the update by following these simple steps I’m about to show you to get the iOS 13 update now and experience all those new features I mentioned earlier.

Please NOTE that it will be wise you BACKUP YOUR DATA before proceeding to install the update, to avoid stories that touch.

iOS 13 update

Firstly, navigate to SETTINGS > GENERAL > SOFTWARE UPDATE then select DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL, keep an eye on the screen if your iphone has a passcode it will prompt you to enter the code before it will proceed and after that agree to Apple’s terms then wait for it, you will then see that an Update has been requested on the screen, which means Apple has added you to their download queue.

After that, it will begin the download and you will see an estimated time for your download, after its done downloading, your iphone will reboot which could take a few minutes.

After the reboot, you are there, your new iOS 13. Enjoy!

Did you get the update? or you got any question/enquiry, please do drop a comment and I will reach out to you asap.

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