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ITS OFFICIAL! WhatsApp has Stopped Working On Windows Phones

WhatsApp made it official lately that WhatsApp won’t be supporting a range of devices from February 1st, 2020. Facebook Inc some time ago in 2016 insinuated plans to stop WhatsApp on some range of devices wherefore it announced an end to Blackberry OS.

WhatsApp will begin stopping the support on some devices soon. Facebook Inc has already begun the stop with the Windows Operating System on the 15 of January 2020. So if you are using a Windows Phone you will not be able to use WhatsApp on it again.

WhatsApp on Windows Phones

The Stop was supposed to start since the 1st of January, 2020 but Facebook Inc extended the support up to January 14 before it officially stops.

Prior to the stop, users of the Windows Operating System are cheered to switch to other devices that run Operating System that is still supported by WhatsApp, to enable them to be able to use the Popular Messaging App.

The stop is for those Windows phones running Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows 10 operating systems to be precise. The official WhatsApp on Microsoft store has also been removed a week ago, so those phones that the app is already installed, when users try to open the app it gives them an “End of Support” warning and users can’t view conversations nor create an account on the App.

Windows Phones

In addition to the WhatsApp support on Windows phones, WhatsApp also has plans of stopping their support on Android devices running Gingerbread powered phones too as from February 1st, 2020. Android users should also take note that if their devices don’t run Android 4.0 and upper they will not be able to use WhatsApp again.

So if you have a device running Gingerbread powered phones, or Windows phones running windows OS 8.1 or windows OS 10, I will advise you to upgrade if you really want to use WhatsApp.

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