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The New Dark Theme Feature for Shazam on Andriod

Popular Music and TV identifying mobile app Shazam, has recently added to their app, the Dark Theme feature which can be experienced if you update your Shazam app to the latest version on Playstore for Android.

Since Google added the Dark theme feature on their Android 10 OS version, developers are also putting efforts to enable mobile apps to use the dark theme even though the version is not the latest which is Android 10.

Dark theme feature is a whole new experience to everyone, it helps make shinning screen brightness to turn dark, thou the brightness of the Shazam app wasn’t as blinding as others but the upgrade is worth it, wherefore reading and using Shazam or other dark theme enabled apps in low light conditions is with no doubt interesting and easier now.

Shazam dark theme

Recently few Android apps like Instagram and Tasker just got on the dark theme troop, others are still rolling out but now the latest version of Shazam is ready to serve you dark mode that suits your eyes in a dark room.

Turning on the dark mode for Shazam is pretty easy and as I earlier said it works on lower Android versions too not just Android 10. So to turn it on, navigate to LIBRARY > SETTINGS > THEMES, from the app, then choose the mode you would love to activate “Dark Theme, Light Theme or Set by Battery Saver”.

Shazam dark theme

The last on the list which is set by Battery Saver is automatic, if Shazam detects that your phone is on battery saver it will automatically turn the dark theme on.

So, have you updated your Shazam app to the latest version? if not, do so now and enjoy the new dark theme on Shazam.

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