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Tips on How To Extend Your Phone Battery Life

Many of us usually complain about our batteries not lasting long, this may be normal but it will become abnormal when it is not the usual drainage. I’m going to give you 5 tips that will help you in extending your phone battery life.

Avoid Using Third-Party Battery Apps

Most of the third-party apps affect battery life adversely in the sense that, they might persistently run in the background, load ads on the lock screen, shut down other apps etc. so to protect your battery life avoid third-party apps.


Use the Original Charger of the Phone

All phones come with a recommended charger from the manufacturers that has no adverse effect on the phone, and in the absence of that, any other charger that does not match the original will affect the battery life and performance. Also stop charging your phone for a long time i.e charging it through the night, it affects the battery life and performance.

Shun using your handset while connected to Powerbank

When you use your phone/handset while connected to your powerbank or any power source increases the internal temperature and that will in return shorten the life span of the battery.

Avoid low-cost chargers from unidentified Manufacturers

Chargers from unidentified manufacturers should be avoided because they do not include any safety apparatuses to protect against flux and overcharging. If in any case the adapter fails it will cause damage to your battery and probably your phone.

Take away phone protective case before charging

It’s usual for battery to become slightly warm but this may turn as a hurdle when a protective case comes in because there won’t be any room for heat dissipation so before charging your phone you should take caution to take off your phone protective case.

I hope these tips help………You can drop your comments/suggestions on the section below!

Post modified on 6th September, 2019.


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